First Clip from Michelle Latimer’s ‘Inconvenient Indian’

By Pat Mullen

Get your first look at Michelle Latimer’s Inconvenient Indian. TIFF released the first clip for the documentary over the weekend ahead of the film’s premiere at the festival in September. Inconvenient Indian is inspired by Thomas King’s acclaimed book about the history of representation of Indigenous people and the power of storytelling in history. King narrates the film in thoughtful voiceover that illustrates his own captivating aura as a storyteller while serving hard truths that audiences need to hear. Latimer’s film highlights many Indigenous artists who confront the past by telling stories of their own in paintings, films, music, and art. This first clip from the film features the work of Kent Monkman commissioned for Canada 150 as King reflects upon the necessity of looking to the past to inform the present and the future.

Synopsis: Michelle Latimer’s urgent documentary Inconvenient Indian dives deep into the brilliant mind of Thomas King, Indigenous intellectual, master storyteller, and author of the bestselling book The Inconvenient Indian, to shatter the misconception that history is anything more than stories we tell about the past. With winks to his cab driver Coyote along the way, King takes us on a critical journey through the colonial narratives of North America. He eloquently exposes the falsehoods of white supremacy and deftly punctures myths of Indigenous erasure to lay bare what has been extracted from the land, culture, and peoples of Turtle Island. In this time of momentous change and essential re-examination, Latimer’s Inconvenient Indian is a powerful visual poem anchored in the land and amplified by the voices of those who continue the tradition of Indigenous resistance. Artist activists, land protectors, hunters, and those leading cultural revitalization powerfully subvert the “inconvenience” of their existence, creating an essential new narrative and a possible path forward for us all.

Inconvenient Indian premieres at TIFF in September.
TIFF runs Sept. 10-19, 2020.