Explore VR in DOC Master Series Class with Thomas Wallner

Thomas Wallner

Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is the new frontier for documentary according to many tech-savvy voices in the non-fiction sphere. As technologies for making docs keep evolving, and mediums for delivering docs to audiences keep changing, how may doc makers stay ahead of the curve?

The challenge of all these possibilities and fluctuations is how to find the medium that best fits a doc’s story and audience, and then leveraging the unique traits of the form to its advantage. Another question inevitably arises, though: Why not just make a feature doc?

The DOC Institute hopes to help answer these questions in an upcoming Master Series Class with doc filmmaker, DEEP Inc. founder, and VR pioneer Thomas Wallner. Wallner comes to VR with experience in feature docs after directing The Guantanamo Trap and Before the Curtain Falls, and has championed the possibilities of VR and interactive docs for nearly a decade.

The class also gives the opportunity to learn about trial and error and risks and rewards, as Wallner’s resume includes two ‘firsts’ in Canadian filmmaking: the innovative 2007 interactive doc Late Fragment and the 360° documentary Polar Sea 360°, the latter of which Wallner chronicled for POV in Issue #95.

The DOC Master Series Class with Thomas Wallner is Thursday, October 13, 2016, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Doors at 6:00pm) at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St West.

Event description: In this intimate and eye-opening Master Class, Wallner will explore the challenges and opportunities of using VR in a cinema context. In a medium that breaks the fourth wall, where traditional film language seems to no longer apply, the overarching question is how to create truly emotionally engaging stories. Is VR the inevitable evolution of film or does this medium mark a departure from conventional cinema and require an entirely new visual language? Wallner will discuss the unique attributes of VR, how they fundamentally differ from conventional film and how this affects the storytelling process.

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