Docs Opening in Canada this Week (Nov. 4)

Gimme Danger
Courtesy Films We Like

By Pat Mullen

This weekend brings docs for rock fans and political animals alike. Jim Jarmusch’s Gimme Danger about the legacy of Iggy Pop and The Stooges makes a funky entry into the string of music docs lighting up the screen. The film is a true love letter to the band from a devoted fan, and Jarmusch’s esteem for The Stooges ensures that this doc is a fun, freewheeling, and totally wild trip. The film features interviews with Iggy Pop and late members of the band along with rocking footage of the band’s rehearsals and concerts. Bust out your cellphones and demand an encore! (Read the POV review of Gimme Danger here.)

Doc fans following the USA’s presidential election have a few options this week at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. The weekend includes a two-day run of Michael Moore’s new Donald Trump doc Michael Moore in TrumpLand. The film is essentially a concert flick with the controversial director performing a one-man show that uses humour in a please for Americans to assert a measure of sanity when considering a vote between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The theatre also gets political with The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Greg Palast’s timely doc that tackles the issue of voter suppression in Uncle Sam’s system. Trump frequently claims that the system is rigged against him, but this doc argues that America’s electoral process is one in which Republicans are taking away votes from people of colour. Doc fans anxiously awaiting the results of the election may join the crowd at the HDTRC for a free broadcast of the coverage on Tuesday night. Friendly reminder that the theatre is licensed, which might come in handy in the (unlikely) event that Donald wins. Kingston doc fans, meanwhile, can catch the Canadian premiere of You’ve Been Trumped, Too with Kingston producer Richard Phinney in attendance for Q&As.

Edmonton moviegoers may catch a new doc from director Niobe Thompson (The Great Human Odyssey) and producer Rosie Dransfeld (Who Cares?). Their new work is the powerful and important doc Memento Mori, a verité style study of organ transplantation. The film witnesses moments that shape families forever, yet have the power to change the lives of other families in similar situations. Viewers outside of Edmonton may catch a 52-minute version called Vital Bonds when it airs on CBC’s The Nature of Things Thursday, November 17th at 8:00 p.m. ET. (Read more about Rosie Dransfeld in this month’s DOC member spotlight and recent POV profile!)

MEMENTO MORI- Official Trailer from ID Productions on Vimeo.

New Docs Opening this Week:

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Dir. Greg Palast, David Ambrose | USA | 111 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – Fri, Nov. 4; Sun, Nov. 6 – Mon, Nov. 7; Wed, Nov. 9 – Thurs, Nov. 10.

Driving with Selvi
Dir. Elisa Paloschi | Canada | 74 min.
-Ottawa, ON: ByTowne Cinema – Wed, Nov. 9
—>Selvi and director Elisa Paloschi and will be in attendance for Q&As following all screenings.

The Eagle Huntress
Dir. Otto Bell | USA | 87 min.
-Toronto, ON: TIFF Bell Lightbox – Fri, Nov. 4 – Thurs, Nov. 10

Fire at Sea
Dir. Gianfranco Rosi | Italy/France | 108 min
-Ottawa, ON: ByTowne Cinema – Thurs, Nov. 10

Gimme Danger Review | Press Conference
Dir. Jim Jarmusch | USA | 108 min.
-Calgary, AB: Globe Cinema – Fri, Nov. 4 – Sun, Nov. 6
-Montreal, QC: Cinema du Parc – Fri, Nov. 4 – Thurs, Nov. 10
-Ottawa, ON: Mayfair Theatre – Sat, Nov. 5 – Sun, Nov. 6
-Quebec, QC: Cinema le Clap:– Fri, Nov. 4 – Thurs, Nov. 10
-Toronto, ON: TIFF Bell Lightbox – Fri, Nov. 4 – Thurs, Nov. 10
-Vancouver, BC: Vancity Theatre – Fri, Nov. 4 – Tues, Nov. 8; Thurs, Nov. 10

Memento Mori
Dir. Niobe Thompson | Canada | 89 min.
-Edmonton, AB: Metro Cinema – Thurs, Nov. 10
—>Join Director Niobe Thompson, Producer Rosvita Dransfeld, & others from the locally shot filmmaking team for a Q & A on Nov. 10.

Michael Moore in TrumpLand
Dir. Michael Moore | USA | 73 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – Sun, Nov. 6 – Mon, Nov. 7

Dir. Morgan Spurlock | USA | 88 min.
-Vancouver, BC: Rio Theatre – Sat, Nov. 5

Rush: Time Stand Still
Dir. Dale Heslip | USA | 124 min.
-Toronto, ON: Cineplex Yonge & Dundas – Fri, Nov. 4 – Thurs, Nov. 10
-Vancouver, BC: The Park – Sat, Nov. 5 – Tues, Nov. 8

Shalom Italia
Dir. Tamar Tal | Israel/Germamy | 70 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – Fri, Nov. 4; Sun, Nov. 6 – Mon, Nov. 7; Wed, Nov. 9 – Thurs, Nov. 10.

Dir. Hrvoje Mabic | Croatia | 95 min.
-Toronto, ON: Rendezvous with Madness – Sat, Nov. 5

You’ve Been Trumped, Too
Dir. Anthony Baxter | UK | 77 min.
-Kingston, ON: The Screening Room – Fri, Nov. 4; Sun, Nov. 6
—>Producer (and Kingston resident!) Richard Phinney will be in attendance for both screenings for a post-screening Q&A!

Enjoy a week at the movies!

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