Docs Opening in Canada this Week (Nov. 18-24)

London Road
Courtesy BBC Worldwide

By Pat Mullen

What’s a familiar face like Olivia Colman doing on the pages of POV, you might ask. Yes, she’s an actress and she stars with The Revenant’s Tom Hardy in the utterly brilliant hybrid film London Road, which POV encourages readers to see and experience as something utterly original in the world of documentary. This adaptation of the acclaimed verbatim theatre musical of the same name draws its script from real interviews with the townspeople living within a community besieged by a serial killer. London Road is like an audacious Jack-the-Ripperish doc opera as actors tell the story of the Suffolk strangler through songs and dance numbers crafted with the exact words of the people who survived the events. Read more about London Road in the feature ‘Performing Documentary’.

While London Road redefines non-fiction filmmaking, Hot Docs explores the ever-growing defininition of documentary by celebrating one of its most popular new incarnations: the podcast. The inaugural Hot Docs Podcast Festival launches this weekend and makes a collective experience out of the audio documentaries that many people listen to on the commute to work, during a workout, or while prepping food in the kitchen. The Podcast Festival features hits like Criminal, Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote and _Song Explorer and it includes several first-ever live performances of popular podcasts like the CBC’s Under the Influence. If anything, the festival’s worth attending simply to experience something altogether new in documentary exhibition and entertainment.

Docs opening in Canada this week:

The Eagle Huntress
Dir. Otto Bell | USA | 87 min.
-Guelph, ON: Bookshelf Cinema – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24
-Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Princess Cinemas – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24
-Ottawa, ON: Mayfair Theatre – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24

Landfill Harmonic
Dir. Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley | USA | 95 min.
-Vancouver, BC: Vancity Theatre – Fri, Nov. 18 – Wed, Nov. 23

London Road
Dir. Rufus Norris | UK | 91 min.
-Montreal, QC: Cinéma Cineplex Forum – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24
-Toronto, ON: Cineplex Canada Square – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24
-Toronto, ON: Cineplex Yonge & Dundas – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24
-Vancouver, BC: Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24

Rush: Time Stand Still
Dir. Dale Heslip | Canada | 97 min.
-Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Princess Cinemas – Fri, Nov. 18 – Thurs, Nov. 24

Seed: The Untold Story
Dir. Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel | USA | 94 min.
-Guelph, ON: Bookshelf Cinema – Sun, Nov. 20; Tues, Nov. 22 – Wed, Nov. 23
-Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Princess Cinemas – Thurs, Nov. 24

Dir. Keith Maitland | USA | 96 min.
-Calgary, AB: Globe Cinema – Mon, Nov. 21 – Wed, Nov. 23
-Edmonton, AB: Metro Cinema – Fri, Nov. 18 – Sun, Nov. 20; Tues, Nov. 22 – Wed, Nov. 23
-Ottawa, ON: ByTowne Cinema – Tues, Nov. 22 – Wed, Nov. 23
-Regina, SK: Regina Public Library – Thurs, Nov. 24 – Fri, Nov. 25

Vous êtes ici
Dir. Mark Wihak | Canada/France | 70 min.
-Regina, SK: Regina Public Library – Fri, Nov. 18

Enjoy a week at the movies!

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—> As a footnote to this week’s listings, POV would like to clarify that the weekly updates now reflect docs opening in regular theatrical release in Canada, rather than a round-up of all docs screening in Canada at any time. This decision is simply a practical one and does not reflect any judgement on the films playing at festivals, film circuit, in second-runs, etc.