Docs Opening in Canada this Week (Nov. 10-16)


By Pat Mullen

Jane is a love story for the ages. It’s Out of Africa without the Hollywood scale (or the awkward colonial factor), but what Sydney Pollack’s sweeping romantic epic finds in the love story between Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, Brett Morgen’s documentary finds in the beautiful tale of Dr. Jane Goodall and filmmaker Hugo van Lawick. _Jane _intimately observes the connections between species in the animal kingdom and the minute yet magical elements that set us apart from our non-human peers. Morgen draws upon over 100 hours of hours of previously unseen 16mm footage of Goodall performing her ground-breaking research on chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park and the result is a seamless tapestry of archival images that provides a rich portrait of Goodall’s passions. Read more about Jane in our interview with Brett Morgen.

Other notables on the documentary front this week include Montreal’s must-attend event RIDM, as well as New York’s non-fiction showcase DOC NYC. (Check out the RIDM Hub and DOC NYC Hub for recommendations on what to see there.) Calgary also hosts CUFF Docs, which features a worthy round-up of docs including California Typewriter, The Judge, Spettacolo, and The Problem with Apu.

On the Toronto front, the Syria Film Festival opens tonight with Matthew Heineman’s excellent City of Ghosts and the weekend includes other docs like Oscar-nominee Watani: My Homeland. (Read more about documentary and the Civil War in Syria in ‘Truth, Lies, and Alt-Facts: The Syrian Civil War’.) Reel Asian International Film Festival also kicks off Friday and includes a number of docs to see like Made in Vietnam and Masala Chai. Don’t forget that there’s also a free screening of A Whale of a Tale, co-presented by POV, next Saturday. Get tickets here.

Opening this Week:

Beyond the Spectrum: A Family’s Year Confronting Autism
Dir. Steve Suderman | Canada | 86 min.
-Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Cinematheque – Wed, Nov. 15

Birth of a Family
Dir. Tasha Hubbard | Canada | 79 min.
-Toronto, ON: TIFF Lightbox – Sat, Nov. 11

City of Ghosts
Dir. Matthew Heineman | USA | 92 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Film Festival – Fri, Nov. 10

Do Donkeys Act?
Dir. David Redmon, Ashley Sabin | UK | 72 min.
-Cobourg, ON: Cobourg Loft – Fri, Nov. 10; Wed, Nov. 15

Ex Libris: The New York Public Library
Dir. Frederick Wiseman | USA | 195 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – Mon, Nov. 13
-Vancouver, BC: Vancity Theatre – Mon, Nov. 13

Faces Places
Dir. Agnès Varda, JR | France | 90 min.
-Montreal, QC: Cinema Beaubien – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Quebec, QC: Cinema le Clap – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Toronto, ON: TIFF Lightbox – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg Cinematheque – Thurs, Nov. 16

Human Flow
Dir. Ai Weiwei | Germany/USA | 140 min.
-Calgary, AB: Cineplex Eau Claire – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Montreal, QC: Cineplex Forum – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Quebec, QC: Cinema le Clap – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Regina, SK: Regina Public Library – Fri, Nov. 10 – Sun, Nov. 12
-Toronto, ON: TIFF Lightbox – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
-Vancouver, BC: Cineplex International Village- Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16

Jane Interview | Review
Dir. Brett Morgen | USA | 90 min.
-Toronto, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – Fri, Nov. 10 – Thurs, Nov. 16
—>Andria Teather, Chief Executive Officer of The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on Wednesday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m
-Vancouver, BC: Vancity Theatre – Sat, Nov. 11

School Life
Dir. Neasa Ní Chianáin, David Rane | Ireland | 99 min.
-Cobourg, ON: Cobourg Loft – Sat, Nov. 11; Mon, Nov. 13; Thurs, Nov. 16

There is a House Here
Dir. Alan Zweig | Canada | 103 min.
-Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg Cinematheque – Fri, Nov. 10-Sun, Nov. 12; Wed, Nov. 15

Retro Screenings:

My Winnipeg
Dir. Guy Maddin | Canada | 2007 | 80 min.
-Edmonton, AB: Metro Cinema – Wed, Nov. 15
—>Screens with Neighbours, Begone Dull Care and The Heart of the World

On est au coton
Dir. Denys Arcand | Canada | 1970 | 159 min.
-Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Cinematheque – Sun, Nov. 12

Enjoy a week at the movies!