DOC Seeks Filmmaker Input for COVID-19 Survey

By Pat Mullen

The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) wants input from filmmakers regarding COVID-19 production practices. DOC plans to use this feedback, which users can submit via a survey, to create an interactive guide for Canadian documentary professionals outlining protocols for resuming production amid COVID-19. Participants are welcome to submit feedback regardless of their roles in the field. (Director, producer, cinematographer, crew member, etc.) Responses are anonymous.

As per DOC, “The goal is to offer clear guidance on how documentarians might apply their provincial protocols in the unique context of documentary production and post-production, including offering resources, best practices, and short case studies to help guide the decision-making process.” The deadline to submit information is Friday, July 31. The project is expected to launch in September and is made possible through the support of the NFB, the DGC, and the CBC.

Take the survey here.