Doc Digest: January 16, 2015

“Mmhmm. See this spot right here? Textbook Awards Fever.”

Welcome back to the Doc Digest, Point of View’s biweekly round-up of documentary news and views. New year, same format!

This week the Internet was gripped with its annual case of Awards Fever (symptoms include increased attraction to shiny objects, bursts of outrage, and pretending not to care even though you do.) On Tuesday, the Canadian Screen Award nominees were announced, and we posted a selection from the documentary categories.

The 2015 Academy Award nominees were also announced this week, which means one of our favourite things: Round-table discussions! The Hollywood Reporter wrangled seven documentary filmmakers (three of whom received Oscar nominations) for an hour-long video.

And where can I see the Oscar-nominated documentaries, you’re probably asking? Vulture’s got your back. We’d also like to add that our friends at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival are co-presenting Last Days in Vietnam tonight at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

If you don’t feel compelled to catch up with those particular films, Ms. Magazine recently shared a list of 10 feminist documentaries streaming on Netflix, including Buying Sex, which screened at Hot Docs in 2013.

Filmmaker Robert Greene (Actress) continues to contribute thought-provoking articles on cinematic non-fiction to the Sight & Sound blog. He takes a horse, donkey and mule metaphor proposed to him at the 2014 RIDM (it’ll make sense when you read it) and breaks it down in his latest piece.

Richard Brody is also wrestling with the labels of fiction and non-fiction with this piece on the new film Evolution of a Criminal. “The art of nonfiction, the essay, is intimate, subjective, and interpretive. It’s precisely what can’t be checked—the writer’s inflection—that turns a report into an experience.”

The November 2014 issue of Policy Options featured an article by former NFB Commissioner Tom Perlmutter on the transformative properties of interactive documentary. If you’re interested in archival interviews, we have one with Perlmutter from 2008.

IndieWire, to documentary filmmakers: “Here’s all the advice you’ll ever need.” Well, maybe not all the advice.

Rahul Chadha’s annual chat with Thom Powers about the year that was is always a pleasure to read.

Finally, a hearty congratulations to the filmmakers behind our Fall 2014 cover story, Monsoon, for their People’s Choice Award win at this year’s Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival. Read about the film here before it opens in Toronto on February 27.

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