DOC Appoints Mathieu Pierre Dagonas as Executive Director

Mathieu Pierre Dagonas is the new Executive Director of DOC.

By Pat Mullen

The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) has appointed Mathieu Pierre Dagonas its new Executive Director. Dagonas replaces former ED Judy Gladstone following her departure in December. The news comes via a statement released from the Organization.

Dagonas brings to DOC a strong background in philanthropy and experience in the public sector, along with over 15 years in political affairs. His experience includes serving as National Campaign Manager for the team that won Mike Crawley the position of Liberal Party of Canada President in 2011. He will also serve the documentary advocacy organization thanks to his work on the board of Firefighters Without Borders and his experience assisting youth engagement and fundraising for at-risk youth. He is also a sports enthusiast who combined his passion and entrepreneurial spirit to become the CEO of an e-sports start-up.

“I am honoured to be serving as DOC’s new Executive Director” said Dagonas in a statement from the organization. “Together, we will work to amplify the voice of all independent documentary filmmakers across Canada”.

“Mathieu Dagonas brings a wealth of political, fundraising and leadership experience to DOC. His skill set along with DOC members’ deep knowledge of the industry can accomplish great things for documentary filmmakers and the genre,” added Nadine Pequeneza, the chair of DOC’s board of directors, in a statement. “I look forward to working with Mathieu and my fellow board members to build upon our remarkable 35-year history. We feel strongly that Mathieu’s breadth of experience will serve us well during this critical time as we build our strategic vision for the next five years.”

DOC is Canada’s premiere organization devoted to advocacy for documentary filmmakers, policy analysis, and research that facilitates the support and growth of the nation’s non-fiction filmmakers.