DOC Appoints Judy Gladstone as New Executive Director

By Pat Mullen

Judy Gladstone is the new Executive Director and National Board for the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC). DOC announced the news today in a release that Gladstone will take over the post from outgoing Executive Director Pepita Ferrari.

Gladstone’s previous experience includes serving as Executive Director of Bravo!FACT and MaxFACT from 1997 to 2012, fostering the BellMedia Foundation for short film, and, since 2013, serving as a consultant for E & E Productions. She also brings to DOC experience in the non-profit sector as Chair of the Square Circle Circus, Treasurer of Tangled Art + Disability, and membership on the Park People Board of Directors, the Advisory Council of Akimbo, and the Caribbean Tales Film Festival Advisory Board.

“Judy Gladstone is a gifted and dynamic leader in the Canadian media production industry and we are delighted that she is joining our cause,” said Joanne Levy, Chair of the Hiring Committee, in a statement from DOC. “Her professional successes, entrepreneurial drive and fluency in both official languages will now inform new perspectives on the challenges of documentary filmmakers in Canada.”

“I look forward to working with Judy and my fellow board members to build upon the renewed vision for a stronger, more cohesive organization, which Pepita, Connie, and Anne helped to shepherd at DOC,” said Nadine Pequeneza, Chair of DOC’s Board of Directors. Former Chair Connie Edwards and Vice-Chair Anne Pick stepped down from DOC’s National Board to make room for new institutional directors.

Along with Gladstone’s appointment as Executive Director, DOC’s announced a restructuring of its board to reflect appointments by region along with several members at large. The board members are:

David Vaisbord
Josephine Anderson

Lorna Thomas

Joanne Levy

Lalita Krishna
Nadine Pequeneza

Isabelle Couture
Carmen Garcia

Ariella Pahlke

Barbara Hager
Nimisha Mukerji
One additional Director position remains vacant at this time.

Board members elected the Executive Committee comprised of Nadine Pequeneza as Board Chair, Isabelle Couture as Vice-Chair, David Vaisbord as Treasurer, and Ariella Pahlke as Secretary.

POV was founded by DOC in 1990. In 2010, POV became separately incorporated and enjoys its ongoing relationship with DOC and its members across the country.