CINEMA POLITICA’s “Screening Truth to Power” Book

Screening Truth to Power: A Reader on Documentary Activism is a reflection on ten years of activities of the documentary screening non-profit Cinema Politica. Marking a transformative and inspiring decade of connecting audiences, artists and activists through provocative political film and video, Cinema Politica brings together diverse voices in this collection of essays, interviews, impressions and specially curated ‘favourite docs’ lists.

With analyses from filmmakers and academics like Shannon Walsh and Darrell Varga, and film and media scholars like Thomas Waugh and John Downing, lists of political documentary favorites from Kim Longinotto, John Greyson, and Sylvia D. Hamilton, among others, as well as reflections from a host of other docuphiles, doc critics and doc-theorists, Screening Truth to Power is an eclectic and original contribution to literature on the genre.

From left to right, at the Cinema Politica book launch: Svetla Turnin, John Greyson, Thomas Waugh and Ezra Winton. Photo credit: Mimi Zhou

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Cinema Politica is a Montreal-based media arts non-profit with international reach. With screening locations all over the world it is now the largest community and campus based documentary screening network in the world. Read about their 10th anniversary here.