CBC Docs Launches Short Docs Platform

Frame 394

By Pat Mullen

Makers of short non-fiction films have a new opportunity to reach audiences with digital docs. CBC’s recent announcement of its creation of CBC Docs: Short Docs offers a cutting-edge platform for creators and viewers alike. The site aims to showcase the works of emerging filmmakers who make docs with fresh points of view and unique approaches to storytelling. CBC Docs: Short Docs offers films with a running time of less than thirty minutes to meet the needs of viewers and encourage shareable CanCon.

The site offers six short docs in its first wave of programming. Among the talents on display is Shasha Nakhai, who recently received support from Ed Haig award winner Ed Barreveld, and POV contributor Vivian Belik, whose feature on Nettie Wild’s Koneline: our land beautiful appears in the current issue. DOC Vanguard winner and Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John director Chelsea McMullan’s droll Canadian Screen Award nominee World Famous Gopher Hole Museum and Chase Joynt’s provocative Hot Docs selection Between You and Me will soon join the list of titles. The films currently available are:

Billsville by Josh Eisen and Maisie Jacobson – An aging Montreal mystic brings his unique blend of spirituality and art to the streets of Manhattan.

Frame 394 by Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson – Doc follows a young man from Toronto who entangles himself in one of America’s most high-profile police-involved shootings.

Thunderblanket by Roxann Whitebean – A 5-part series that explores a young Aboriginal woman’s battle against breast cancer and the complexity of being a traditionalist searching for a cure in a modern world.

Underdog by Vivian Belik and Naomi Mark – A Japanese expat prepares for a 1000 mile dogsled race to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

Wally’s World by Danny Nash – A mini documentary series featuring Wayne Gretzky.

WhyFi by Brad Dworkin – A short documentary about the strange and unique names people give to their wireless networks.

Please visit cbc.ca/shortdocs to view the films.