Caturday Viewing: Stream ‘Catwalk’ on CBC!

Oh La La in Catwalk: Tales from the Catshow Circuit
Markham Street Films

By Pat Mullen

Cuddle up with your furry pal for some Caturday viewing! Catwalk: Tales from the Catshow Circuit is now streaming on CBC Docs.

This fun insiders’ glimpse into the oddly competitive world of competitive cat showing follows two cat fanciers, Kim Langille and Shirley McCollow as their prized kitties Bobby and Oh La La vie for the title of best in show. (They’re cute, but neither kitty has a scratch on my cat Fellini.) The owners have a friendly rivalry that sharpens as the claws come out in competition and each owner fluffs and primps her cat to make him prettier than the rest. The cats, on the other hand, simply seem content to have so many humans waiting on them hand and foot. Fans of last year’s catumentary Kedi will undoubtedly enjoy this Canuck addition to the world of the cat video as the humans race to the finish line.

“Is there any animal better suited to documentary than the cat?” we wrote in our review of the film. “From the poetic felines of Chris Marker films to the box-playing furballs of Maru videos to the feral tabbies of Kedi, cats leave their paw prints of every generation of non-fiction filmmaking. The cats now make their mark on Canadian cinema with the wonderful documentary Catwalk: Tales from the Catshow Circuit. Directors Michael McNamara and Aaron Hancox spotlight the affinity owners feel for their felines and vice versa. Cats just have a novel personality that other animals (cough, cough, dogs) simply lack.” Read the POV review of Catwalk here.

Watch Catwalk here.