Canadian Films Lead Audience Award Race on Last Day of Hot Docs


By Pat Mullen

Two mystery Canadian films continue to lead the Hot Docs Audience Award race. The films, whose titles are withheld to provide an element of surprise leading up to tonight’s encore screening of the Canadian winner, lead the overall field heading into the last day of the festival. The films, which are presumably Transformer and one of Primas or The Accountant of Auschwitz based on prior standings and screening dates, hold over Morgan Neville’s crowd-pleasing Mr. Rogers doc Won’t You Be My Neighbor?. The three top Canuck contenders have completed their runs while Neighbor has its final show this afternoon at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.

Also screening today and moving up in the pack is the doggone adorable puppy doc Pick of the Litter. The film follows five dogs as they train to become guide dogs for the blind. Lou Psihoyos also moved up in the rankings with The Game Changers. He previously won Hot Docs with audience favourite The Cove.

The overall winner will be announced on Monday following the completion of the festival. The Canadian winner will be unveiled tonight at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema at 7:00 PM with an encore screening.

The Top 20 docs in the hunt for the Audience Award are:

  1. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  2. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  3. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
  4. The Game Changers
  5. Pick of the Litter
  6. On Her Shoulders
  7. Bathtubs over Broadway
  8. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  9. The Silver Branch
  10. The Silence of Others
  11. United Skates
  12. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  13. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  14. Prince’s Tale
  15. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  16. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  17. Mr. SOUL!
  18. Rogers Audience Award Contender
  19. Warrior Women
  20. Believer