A Short Doc on the State of Documentary

By Pat Mullen

“You can’t run culture like a business,” says producer Frederic Bohbot.“And that’s one of the problems where the government has given the responsibility of cultural production to the private broadcasters who run a business. They’re not there to support and create culture; they’re there to attract viewers.”

Bohbot appears alongside fellow filmmaker Katarina Soukup in this short film from director Kacim Steets on the state of documentary funding in Canada. As readers might know from Kevin McMahon’s open letter to Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly, Canadian documentary filmmakers often find themselves in a situation in which ‘documentary’ is synonymous with ‘reality television’ in order to make a living. Steets provides a quick and entertaining overview of the state of the doc that’s worth a look.

Watch the film below:

Documentary Documentary from Blackboard Pictures on Vimeo.