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Review: ‘Extremos’ / ‘Salamanca’

Hot Docs 2016

Courtesy of Hot Docs

(Russia, 41 min.)
Dir. Aleksandra Kulak, Ruslan Fedotow
Programme: World Showcase (North American Premiere)

(Argentina, 26 min.)
Dir. Juan Manuel Ferraro, Federico Molentino

A shipping community in the Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego region, and a Mennonite community hidden in the depths of Russia: these two short films give us a stunning visual journey into little known parts of the world. They are worth your time if you enjoy experimental visions from obscure places.

Extremos thrives on an ethereal and mysterious soundscape that pairs well with a visual accompaniment consisting of massive shipping container yards juxtaposed with beautiful snow capped mountains. There is a sensory barrage as well, with projections of an indigenous culture overlaid onto modern industrial scenes. The visual and aural montage highlights the disjuncture between Argentina’s utterly ignored indigenous culture and its desire to be recognized as a Europeanized, “civilized” South American country.

Salamanca is a stunning, overwhelmingly visual documentary. Shot in black and white reminiscent of Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon, the film follows the trials and tribulations of a mysterious narrator who became an outcast in the Mennonite community after one day exploring the world outside the confines of the community.

Salamanca and Extremos screen:
-Monday, May 2 at Cineplex Scotiabank at 1:15 PM
-Saturday, May 7 at Cineplex Scotiabank at 7:00 PM

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