Canadian Film Day 2015

Celebrate Canada by watching a great Canadian film

On April 29, 2015, REEL CANADA will present the second annual National Canadian Film Day, an opportunity to celebrate Canada by watching a great Canadian film.

National Canadian Film Day is an initiative of REEL CANADA, a non-profit organization committed to exposing new audiences to the power and diversity of Canadian film. Since 2005, REEL CANADA has held almost 1000 screenings for more than 250,000 high school students and new Canadians across the country.

National Canadian Film Day was created to give Canadians an opportunity to celebrate Canada for something other than ice-related sports and doughnuts. (Not that we don’t love those, of course). Last year, REEL CANADA held 70 screenings in 44 communities across the country and was acknowledged in the House of Commons. This year looks to be even better with over 100 screenings planned across every province and territory.

For a full list of screenings – including several documentaries! – visit the official website.