Articles by Alice Shih

  • Catching the Last Train Home

    Catching the Last Train Home

    Asian-Canadian filmmaker Lixin Fan has documented the Zhang family for years on their annual trek home for China’s Spring Festival. His film Last Train Home raises issues about China’s growing generation gap and changing economy.

    Profiles By Alice Shih • Published November 1st, 2009

  • Reel Asians

    Reel Asians

    Shih traces the rapid growth of Asian-Canadian filmmaking through the 10th anniversaries of festivals in Toronto and Vancouver.

    Features By Alice Shih • Published February 1st, 2007

  • Julia and the Fire Horse

    Julia Kwan went from obscurity to international acclaim with her Sundance award-winning feature Eve and the Fire Horse. Where does Julia end and Eve begin in this intimate tale of growing up Asian in ’70s Vancouver? Alice Shih investigates the personal, social and aesthetic concerns of Julia Kwan.

    Features By Alice Shih • Published April 1st, 2006